my car broke down in Slackerville (luckly there was a nice restaurant)

Actually, I have been swamped. srsly. There are the two jobs (the paid and the catering), the back-to-school crazies, and, I got to be honest, the trying to get through seven Buffy and five Angel seasons as they aired when the library only lets you check out DVDs a week at a time. I’ve only read like 5 books all summer. However, having just returned from a work conference in DC and that being the end of total insanity at paid job, I think that I can get back on track and back to blogging. Besides, I have to tell about my amazing meal in Georgetown.

Each year for the past three, I have enjoyed one fabulous meal in DC. The first year was José Andrés’ Café Atlántico (now closed), where I enjoyed bacon foam–like breathing bacon. amazing! Last year was Eric Ripert’s Westend Bistro. There was a lot of fish at this meal, and oysters, and wine–followed by a walk through of the Ritz Carlton like we owned the place. Honestly, I just wanted to run into Ripert’s BFF.

This year it was 1789–solo. That is something new and it wasn’t terrible. I got all spiffed up and took a cab from the (name drop) Park Hyatt. My reservation was for 7pm. The interior (not surprisingly) is intimate with cobble stone floors and exposed raw wood in the entryway, a blazing fireplace with mantle, and lots of pictures of horses. I was seated on the perimeter of the room and handed a wine menu. I was by myself, so went with the more limited list of wine by the glass and ordered a Bordeaux, Château Lauduc Classic, 2009. yum. The amuse-bouche actually made me giggle. It was a doll size teacup with a drinkable cucumber something that wasn’t cold soup, but wasn’t hot either. It was completely silly and delicious. I started with the heirloom tomato salad which was thinly sliced tomatoes, one red, one yellow, one green with burrata, followed by a duck confit strudel–this was a little puffed pastry filled with shredded duck, mascarpone cheese, cherry compote sitting in a puddle of foie gras cream, <breathe> and finished with the Halibut with baby carrots and lobster rosé beurre blanc…but honestly that might not be what the seafood dish was exactly because by the time it arrived I was already stuffed and I knew I was going to order desert. I might have started to panic. I ordered another glass of wine. For desert I got the “Fireside S’mores bittersweet chocolate cake, graham cracker crème anglaise, “hot” chocolate sauce and roasted marshmallow ice cream” and a Grand Marnier. <swoon>The food baby I had when I was done, well, it defies description. It was a really good thing I didn’t have a waist band.

I took my time (I was there for 2 hours) sipped my GM and read. The couples on either side of me were celebrating their anniversaries and got a “commemorative” menu. jealous.

Hmmm, what to do next year?

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