Bread….better with beer.

Sarah DuensingI am not usually a hoppy beer drinker–I know, all the cool kids are doing it, but it just isn’t for me. I think it might be my overdeveloped sweet tooth. The bitter just isn’t pleasing. But no matter, I still like to try new things and last last weekend I found myself at Dublin O’Neil’s for a pre St. Patrick’s day boxty and smoked salmon and I branched out. I asked for a taster of Two Brothers Northwind imperial stout! I was thinking that I ought to partake of an Irish brew, but I like the idea of food and drink that doesn’t have to travel around the world to get to me. This is not a hard and fast rule–more of a guideline. I am more than a little partial to French cheeses and books from amazon. Warrensville, Illinois is basically a suburb of Chicago, so not around the corner from Champaign, but at least I could drive there without too much trouble. Plus, I really like their Ebel’s Weiss.

yummy beer bread ingredients go here
I was blown away! It was full and thick and a little sweet and not at all bitter. It is smooth and more than a little pleasant! So I had one with lunch and on the way home I stopped at the grocery and bought a six-pack (for $10.99 or something insane like that–can I just soap box for a sec–shouldn’t local products cost less since they don’t have to travel as far?! sheesh.) But I was happy with it and another one in I decided to make this chedder bacon beer bread with the stout (from a teenager’s blog)! oh em gee! It makes one loaf and that loaf must weigh 8 pounds. It was all dark and dense and delicious.

fiinished beer bread
I have a family beer bread recipe that I have made over the years, but it calls for a stick of melted butter to pour over it and though it is quite nice, it’s just a little too much. You actually have to turn the bread to prevent the butter from settling on the bottom. This one is much better.

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